Maximilian & Co., Los Angeles

Maximilian & Co. is a design company in Los Angeles, California.

We are a group of individuals who love to design and make things. Things that brands, people, and companies can use to represent themselves in the connected world.

When we work, we like to spend a great deal of time thinking about you. Researching you. Your project. Your industry. We think about how we can add our brains to your brains and create a sum of knowledge with which we can create something great. Together.

We are students of popular culture, advertising, the Internet and the wonderful technologies that surround it. There’s a lot of stuff from which to choose to make something. We can help you with that decision.

If you have a minute, don't hesitate to send us an email and request a portfolio. Some important people and companies have placed their trust in our work, and if you are so willing, we would love to work for you, too.